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 Tailored support to meet the business needs

We understand the HR needs of small-medium enterprises (SME). This is why at OML Africa we have developed affordable support services specifically for SMEs. We get it that you would rather spend time on the business and leave the management of your people to us. We save you time, we cost less than an average HR manager’s salary and we come with a pool of expertise you will not get from hiring an internal HR professional.

You don’t have to worry about time-to-perform with us, we get the ground moving the minute we start with your company. SME’s trust us to get their HR departments in order because we have been working and championing SME growth for over a decade now. We come with the experience, knowledge and expertise you need to achieve through your people.

Some of our services include:

  • Starter small HR support

  • Deliver my HR support

  • HR audit services

  • Strategy and operations

  • People risk management

  • SME productivity measuring and more

We understand the intricacies of family businesses whether it’s a husband and wife business, brother and sister, mother and daughter or generational business. The complicated issues faced by family businesses are often centred on managing the family members working both in and out of the family business.

The HR needs of family businesses involve multiple, complex, interconnected systems with many dimensions. How these situations are addressed will dramatically influence the culture, growth and sustainability of the business as well as existing and future family relationships.

  • OML has worked with numerous family-owned businesses and has helped family firms to achieve their people management goals. We understand the issues and how to sensitively manage relations in relation to:

  • Adding the value of the HR function as a strategic business partner with family business owners.

  • Building a culture of success from the family owners’ vision, principles, and values.

  • Employ family members and non-family members in the business in a way that works best for the family, business and individuals.

  • Balancing the needs of both family and nonfamily members to ensure success.

  • Managing employee exits of family members effectively

  • Handling sensitive issues such as underperforming family employees, conflict, resistance to change and more.

Find out how we can support your family business or SME. 

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