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HR Services for International Companies in Africa

As a foreign company coming into Africa the value of reliable and trustworthy local guidance cannot be overlooked, particularly considering the labour laws in African countries can vary significantly.

It is imperative to have a good local human capital company that has a good understanding of both the labour laws as well as local practices. This way you can be certain with regards to compliance to the labour laws of the country as well as local best practices, minimizing the risk of litigation and hefty fines.

OML Africa offers advisory and support to foreign companies coming to Africa in relation to human capital management from labour laws, labour practices, risks, social security, income tax, and so forth.

Additionally, we can provide guidance on hiring options as well as manage all your selection and assessment needs to ensure you hire the right people.

OML has a large network of HR practitioners in Africa so you can rest assured that knowledge and expert advice shall never fall short. Many foreign companies use our services because of our integrity, professionalism, and genuine support to ensure they don’t fall into any pitfalls.

To find out how we can help your company do call us using the contact information below.

Contact Us: Call: +233 (0) 302973379 | Email:

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