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How we are contributing to making a difference

To us Corporate Responsibility means:

  • Contributing to the solutions to social issues that align with our vision, mission, principles and values.

  • Investing in our people by providing them with enriching exposures to enable us to add value to our clients, themselves and the communities we serve.

  • Leading by example by working responsibly as a business in ensuring that integrity and trust lead our business practices enough to influence all our stakeholders.

  • Adopting green-friendly business practices that help our environment


Our commitment to our CR focuses on six areas where we make significant contributions:


  • Employability program

  • Pro-bono HR services

  • Investing in people

  • Mentoring programs

  • Gender equality programs

  • Community citizenship behaviour


Our CR activities

We believe in investing in activities that enable us to create value for all our stakeholders.

These include:

  • Employability programs- we have been providing mentoring sessions and workshops for school leavers, secondary and university students.

  • Provision of pro-bono - we provide  HR services to local NGO’s and Charities annually.

  • Investing in people – we have been providing skills development opportunities through internships and work placements.

  • Mentoring programs – we have been providing career and entrepreneurship programs for disadvantaged young unemployed people and aspiring young entrepreneurs.

  • Gender equality – we have been championing gender equality initiatives in the organisations and the communities we serve.

  • Community Citizenship behaviour – we provide awareness on the importance of community-based citizenship behaviour by supporting community projects that align with who we are and what we do.

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