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Occupational Management Limited (OML Africa) is an international Human Resource management consultancy with its head office in Ghana. OML has extended its services to other parts of Africa with a presence in the UK covering Europe. OML is proud to be the David among the Goliath consultancies.


OML was founded in 2010 and includes a team of dedicated professionals that work together to offer clients custom and affordable HR consulting support for a wide variety of employee-related needs.

We have merged our international expertise and experience with our local knowledge to be able to provide quality Human capital services with the bandwidth to handle national and global HR needs.


We are a client-focused company driven by a deep understanding of the industries we serve. Over the years we have gradually worked our way through the private, public and not-for-profit sectors providing services and solutions to various industries with an enviable track record of helping our clients get results.  

Our passion for the provision of quality Human Resource services influences our commitment to maintain and manage our talent base of HR professionals carefully and meticulously, as our assets. In light of this, we continue to employ HR professionals from the local and international space.

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