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Our purpose, vision and mission are why we do what we do.

Our purpose


Our purpose is to solve people problems, maximize human capital potential and add value to organizations, their people and the communities we serve.




To be a market leader in empowering organizations with people solutions that maximize people potential and drive people success.




Our mission is to align and transform organisations through their people



Our values and principles define how we do our work.

Our Values


Integrity - working honestly, fairly and ethically

Respect - dealing with people with dignity and recognizing their value as individuals

Responsibility – opportunity to contribute and accept accountability

Teamwork – we win, we lose and we share the credit

Diversity - recognizing and appreciating the diverse backgrounds of the people we serve


Our Principles

In the delivery of our service, we aspire to:

  • Focus on our client needs, no one-size-fits-all approaches!

  • Provide good value for money and Return on investment

  • Work collaboratively with our clients

  • Share our knowledge and expertise

  • Strive for quality, good delivery and excellent relationships


Our Code of Ethics


In the delivery of our services, we work ethically with our stakeholders.

We place the interests of clients above our personal interests by exercising independent professional judgment when conducting investigations, analysis, making recommendations, taking actions and engaging in other professional activities.

Code of Professional Conduct


In the delivery of our services we work with applicable laws, rules, and regulations of any government, regulatory organization, licensing agency, or professional association governing the activities of our clients or the country to which they operate.

We use reasonable care and judgment to achieve and maintain independence and objectivity in our professional activities. We work with integrity, diligence, competence and respect.

"We are known to walk away from work where our values and professionalism is not in line with the client or where our reputation will be jeopardised". Anita Wiafe-Asinor, Founder & CEO of OML Africa.

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