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Human Capital Risk Audits

Prevention is better than cure!


The labour law is extensive and complex and a potential risk area for employers. Following a Compliance and Best Practice HR Audit, you can be confident that you have reduced your risk of compliance breaches within your organization. 

Your organization will be well equipped to manage any employment-related complaints or allegations as well as ensure compliance and good HR practices on an ongoing basis.


Our audits are also ideal for proving you with independent insight into your human resource function. Our audits are also good for before a merger or an acquisition. It will provide you with valuable insights into the human resource function and risks before you acquire or merge. We provide HR audit services across Africa.

Types of Audits

We provide all the key audits concerning human capital management and risks including:

  • HR Compliance Audit

  • HR Practice Audit

  • Payroll Audit

  • HR Due Diligence Audit for Mergers and Acquisitions and more.


To find out how we can audit your company contact us.


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