Our Response to COVID-19

Since the pandemic began we have been doing a number of activities to respond to the crisis. Our focus had been on how to keep our staff and customers safe, how to continue to serve our customers and how to add value by providing insights to our networks and community concerning COVID-19 and our experience on ground. We have also been running a workplace response to COVID-19 webinar series for Employers and Human Resource leaders in Africa.  Additionally, we have also made some additions to our services to align with the pandemic.

These changes are as follows:

  • We have automated our HR outsourcing services to include remote support using technology
  • We have implemented team collaboration tools as part of our support service to track productivity and attendance remotely
  • We have been supporting our clients with COVID-19 risk assessments, health and safety protocols concerning returning employees back to work safely
  • We have been championing workplace response and business continuity in our clients and also in our networks and social handles through our webinar series, articles and newsletters
  • We are offering advisory services to businesses without internal-HR support through our COVID-19 advisory support services.

Contact us to find out how we can help your business, call us on+233 302973379.

We Are True People Investors

We believe that an effective HR management, a challenging work environment where achievements and high performance are recognized, with opportunity for training and development increases performance. For this reason, we aim to assist our clients t o ensure that their people management systems support the organisation in maximizing its people’s performance to achieve the overall business strategy.

During COVID-19 we have implemented e-learning programs focusing on dealing with the pandemic, in the areas of business continuity, health and safety. We have also enhanced our online talent assessments to ensure affordability and flexibility so that learning can continue throughout the pandemic as needed by our clients.

COVID-19 Human Resource Support & Advisory Services

HR Outsourcing for SMEs

Outsourced HR support for businesses without a dedicated experienced in-house Human Resource staff or department. Let us manage your HR administration, payroll, strategy, talent and more.  A cost-effective and expertise-effective solution to all your day-to-day HR needs. A flexible service offering full, part-time, onsite, remote support with telephone and email support also available. Save money and time by hiring us to deliver your HR during COVID-19 and into the new normal.

Labour Dispute Support

We provide labour dispute consultancy services which include collective bargaining facilitation, union management, labour law advisory/consultation, collation of documentation for dispute hearings as well as representation at dispute hearings at the National Labour Commission. The service is for both individuals and companies. Our team consist of extremely proficient and dedicated  expert Labour Law Consultants and legal advisers with remarkable experience in this field who ensure results. We can help you with the tough decisions and discussions during COVID-19.

 HR Outsourcing 

Working in partnership for HR excellence. Our outsourcing services range from HR administration support, to payroll outsourcing. The approach to our outsourcing services is to streamline HR processes and increase efficiency using technology..

We have put together packages for SMEs from remote support to controlled site visits and support during COVID-19 into the new normal. Contact us to find out how we can help your business, +233 302973379.

Advisory Services

OML’s expert HR advisory team provides day-to-day advice across the full range of labor issues. Our Clients trust us to give timely, pragmatic advice that meets their organisation's goals, safely within the labor laws of the country they operate. 

The law on labour and employment have not changed because of COVID-19. Let us support you through compliance with variation of contracts, redundancies etc. Find out about our COVID-19  services. 

Outstanding Returns on OD

Capitalize on our strengths to develop your business! 

Utilize what we know about systems, and what we know about human behaviour, to plan and manage the development of your organizations people objectives. Our Organisational Development (OD) consultants are different from management consultants, in that our “client” is the whole organization, not just the management team. 

Talent Assessments & Analytics

Define, Assess, Match & Develop

OML provides the fresh thinking and deep insight you need to attract,motivate and develop the right people for your business using talent assessments and analytics.

All assessments can be administered online amidst COVID-19 and into the new normal.

Training & Development

Enhance Skills, Experience & Productivity

Our professional courses are designed to help modify behaviour, mindset and increase responsibility, accountability and ownership of business objectives. We offer various professional courses which includes in-company , public and tailored training.

All our core training can be delivered online or under controlled conditions observing all COVID-19 preventive and safety measures.

HR Risk Management

There is a connection between risk management and liability. OML’s HR Risk management services have been designed to specifically focus on risk management as it applies to HR activities. We can help you with COVID-19 risk assessments, workplace risk mapping, health and safety protocol reviews and updates. We can also help you to implement your health and safety protocols for COVID-19. 

Workforce Analytics CONSULTING


HR outsourcing for businesses from $25 per employee per month 

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