Employers through their human resource departments should ensure that education on COVID-19 is provided and is ongoing to employees and managers to minimize stigmatization. Emphasis should be placed on the consequences of stigmatization such as its impact on productivity and the risk of forcing infected colleagues to hide their illness to avoid discrimination and stigmatization which imposes a risk of spread to other colleagues in the workplace. Read more!

As we start to digest the idea that we have to co-exist with COVID-19 until medication or a vaccine found, the reality is that this will mean using public transport particularly for those without personal transportation. So, how do employers and the HR address these concerns? 

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Managing Talent amid COVID-19 is core to operations everywhere! Listen to our Industrial Experts as they discuss practical options to ensure you don’t lose your best talent as well as how to manage those left behind amidst COVID-19 layoffs & redundancies and more. -

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The COVID-19 crisis is affecting Employers globally and this has created unprecedented Human Resource challenges and opportunities for the Human Resource Manager (HR). HR has to respond to COVID-19 at all levels.  How will HR respond to these challenges and opportunities during and Post-COVID-19.

We are not in normal times! COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on businesses of all sizes across industries globally. Take a tour with us as we discuss the issue with practical suggestions of possible strategies and solutions that C-suite participants can consider their survival plans. 

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Businesses and Employers must play a role to protect their employees as well as their livelihood. Workplace response and to COVID-19 is now more critical than we ever thought. Read the workplace response & preparedness to COVID-19 levels 1 to 3.  Read more!

We are not in normal times. COVID-19 is wreaking havoc. We must take all the information to make sense of it and share insights to support each other in as many ways as possible. Read my article about Workplace Response to COVID-19, a Guide for Businesses & Employers. Read more!

Last year was a challenging period for the banking sector in Ghana. The Bank of Ghana (BoG) revoked the licenses of five banks UniBank Ghana Limited, the Royal Bank Limited, Beige Bank Limited, Sovereign Bank Limited, and Construction Bank Limited. Read more!

For individuals, making the psychological switch from “me” to “them” represents a big change in orientation. It’s no longer about how well you are performing, but how well your people are performing. The process takes time. Strong HR support can make all the difference in supporting people. Read more!

It is time for a radical rethink! HR leaders have to address the issue of performance appraisals and their effectiveness, so they can develop a process that adds value rather than a process that ticks boxes. - Read more!

Developing an effective succession planning system in Africa is of the essence as most employers will soon face a turnover of baby boomers in leadership positions. These baby boomer leaders and employees are almost due for retirement. The question here is, are employers prepared for this impending high employee turnover? Read more!

When it comes to the recruitment process in Africa many HR leaders in Africa can compile a list of problems they face in the war -on talent. In this article, we will touch on some of these issues and suggest ways we can improve the recruitment process to ensure the right people are hired.  Read more!

Our survey targeted HR practitioners from over 170 companies in Africa during the first and second quarters of 2018, OML Africa is pleased to present key findings from its 2018 HR Technology Usage Survey. This report highlights several key insights into HR usage trends in Africa along with OML Africa’s perspectives on the future of HR and Technology in Africa.             Read more!

The globalization of Africa’s economy is compelling organizations to rethink their future strategies. OML Africa shares insight on the need of transformations needed for the critical growth and survival of these companies.                  Read more!

Workplace romance is by no means limited to people at the same level as the organization's hierarchy. There could be a fine line between what passes for a harmless piece of flirting and sexual harassment. Read more!

OML Africa brings to you part-two of its ‘Top Skills for Job Search in Africa' series. In this edition, we are looking at hiring from the perspective of the employer in relation to the top skills employers seek when hiring candidates for jobs in Africa. Read more!

As a recruiter, we loose the number of poor job applications we received over the years. A lot of the issues are common mistakes which can be avoided if the job applicant took a bit more time with their application - Read more!

Looking for a job in Africa is a job in itself. OML Africa shares insights on how to effectively job search in Africa as part of its "put your best self forward" series. Read this first edition Top 5 Tips for Job Search in Africa, part 1. Read more!

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