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Organisational Development (OD)

Our organizational development (OD) services focus on developing organizations and teams. From strategic planning to managerial coaching, retreat facilitation, and leadership training, our services are delivered by experienced OD practitioners who are dedicated to organisational success.

Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO)

For a fixed monthly fee, your business will benefit from a dedicated HR professional who will lend a helping hand with the day to day HR duties as well as employee recruitment and management. Our HR outsourcing services give you administrative relief, access to strategic expertise, reduced liabilities, and dedicated HR support. Our experienced service team are trained to integrate into your company, provide a confidential service, efficiency and strategic support, all at a fraction of the cost of employing a human resources professional in-company. We use HR technology to streamline our delivery and save you time.

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Advisory & Legal  

OML’s expert HR advisory team provides day-to-day advice across the full range of labor issues. Our advisory team are experts in drafting and negotiating critical documents, advising on the implications of your HR policy, helping you comply with regulations and preparing for change. We create the space for your HR team to pursue your goals free from potential litigation. Clients trust us to give timely, pragmatic advice that meets their organisation's goals, safely within the labor laws of the country they operate.  

HR Risk Management  

There is a connection between risk management and liability. OML’s HR Risk management services have been designed specifically to focus on risk management as it applies to HR activities by evaluating, auditing and reviewing HR risks and developing strategies to remove the risk altogether, reduce the likelihood of the risk happening or minimize harm in the event that something happens. OML’s HR Due Diligence for merger and acquisition services also ensure you know what you are getting into before you get into it. 

HR Consulting  

Our strategic HR consulting services provides support at the senior executive management level.  We will aid you in enhancing employee-relations, developing appropriate performance management systems, devising effective workforce strategies, implementing useful training and development programs, aligning business objectives with people management resources. Our Business HR consulting helps you increase the standard of your internal HR service delivery by providing you with practical solutions to link your HR function to your core business priorities.  

Employee Assessments

We specialize in employee assessments. We can design and run assessment centers as part of your selection process to assess shortlisted candidates to ensure that you hire right by thoroughly screening your selected candidates for relevant skills including IT skills assessment, numeracy tests, literacy tests, aptitude tests, GIA, and personality profiling depending on your needs. We can also assess people you have identified for succession planning and talent management through development centres and assessments.

Talent Management  

We believe in Developing People to Maximise Performance is essential for all businesses and organisations. OML provides the fresh thinking and deep insight you need to attract, organise, motivate and develop the right people for your business, and to build a high-performing HR function in support of your business goals. Our expert teams bring a rich understanding of people and how they behave, clear analysis grounded by research and innovative ideas backed by practical experience.

Training & Development

Our management and workforce development training is centered on the key areas of the business that need to function well in order to increase the bottom-line. These practical courses totally focus on delivery from the point of view of the business and the bottom-line. The courses are designed to help modify behaviour, mindset and increase responsibility, accountability and ownership of business objectives. We run public and In-company training and development programs. We can also tailor our courses to suit your requirements for in-house training.

Workforce Analytics Consulting

We deliver in-depth analysis of critical workforce issues, provide relevant insights to the business, and recommend changes to policies. This involves responsibility for identifying data trends, anomalies, and root causes of workforce related issues. The Workforce Analytics Consultant will help in defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will enable leaders to affect change with regard to workforce issues and trends that impact the business.

Executive Recruitment

OML's executive search services is specifically for recruiting HR professionals and people in management for organisations across sectors, freeing your HR staff to add value elsewhere in the company. Our executive search service is packaged to ensure you get competent people to do the job. We recruit for companies seeking candidates from the junior/middle/senior-executive level.   

Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS)

We provide HR software solutions. OML can provide you with payroll software in the cloud, customized to meet your needs and in line with Ghana tax laws and compliance. We can also provide you with Human Resource Management Information system (HRMIS). We can help you improve your HR service delivery through implementation of HR software solutions that provide effective management tools for workforce administration processes and save you time. We can assist you to choose the right HR software through our HRMIS consulting service.

Human Resource Services for Foreign Companies in Africa

As a foreign company coming into Africa the value of reliable and trustworthy local guidance cannot be overlooked, particularly considering the labour laws in African countries can vary significantly. It is imperative to have a good local human capital company who has a good understanding of both the labour laws as well as local practices. This way you can be certain with regards to compliance to the labour laws of the country as well as local best practices, minimizing the risk of litigation and hefty fines.

OML Africa offers advisory and support to foreign companies coming to Africa in relation to human capital management from labour laws, labour practices, risks, social security, income tax and so forth. Additionally, we can provide guidance on hiring options as well as manage all your selection and assessment needs to ensure you hire the right people. OML has a large network of HR practitioner in Africa so you can rest assured that knowledge and expert advice shall never fall short. Many foreign companies use our services because of our integrity, professionalism and genuine support to ensure they don’t fall into any pitfalls.

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