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Simplifying HR to add value to SME's!

Our "DELIVER MY HR" services are ideal for SME's seeking to outsourced the day to day Human Resource Management. Our SME HR outsourcing service will help your company minimize the challenges of administrative overload, legislative compliance, payroll and the multi-faucet issues that face today’s HR departments. We provide bespoke support to meet your actual needs.

By us running your HR department you have access to a wide range of expertise, access to automated HR processes to streamline the HR administration, save owner's/ manager's time as well as reduce reduce costs and manage HR risks. The service model is flexible and affordable and the support packages have been put together taking into account the budget consciousness of SME's as well as our commitment to make the service affordable so price is not a barrier.

HR Outsourcing

Our HR outsourcing services include:

  • Comprehensive HR Support – (HR department management)
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing – (recruitment processes for you)
  • Employee Assistance Program (counselling service for employees)
  • Benefits Administration (managing benefits for your employees) 
  • Employee Wellness (workplace health program)
  • HR Service Center (single point of contact for all HR needs)

    Payroll Services

    Our payroll outsourcing services include:

    • Monthly preparation of payroll for employees on the payroll
    • Calculation of Social Security Contributions and effecting payment to tax authorities by the due date;
    • Calculation of Income Tax Contributions and effecting payment to tax authorities by the due date;
    • Paying employees directly into their bank accounts
    • Issue employees with pay slips
    • Providing monthly payroll record which includes payment receipts tax authorities and copies of pay slips to your organization
    • Payroll advisory service 
    • Processing of new employee particulars and assignment of employee numbers;
    • Payment of contract staff salaries, interns and national service personnel allowances;
    • Reward, benefits, allowances and pension processing and advisory service

    Our Team

    Our HR outsourcing team comprising of professionals competent in their field of HR work; our payroll team include qualified accountants and generalist payroll administrators. So you can rest assured that your payroll is safe in our hands. 

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